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QA with strong English skill

истекло время актуальности

  1.  1 день 115 000 ₽
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    Hey, Alexey!
    Can you provide more info in PM? Want to join to your team.

  2.  1 день 111 000 ₽
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    I have over three years of experience in Automation Software Quality Assurance and Testing on Web sites & Web applications.
    Experience in all types of Testing such as Functional Positive testing, Negative testing, Regression Testing and all other types of testing.
    I'm deeply familiar with Selenium and Python.
    I have experience in building of big Automation Software Testing "from zero to hero" – covering all API calls and UI and UX behavior cases.

  3.  30 дней 115 000 ₽
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    Hi, I have 2 years of experience in manual testing web and mobile applications. My English level is Intermediate. I will be glad to cooperate.

  4.  30 дней 110 000 ₽

    Hello, My name is Nick. I am QA Engineer with more than 2 year experience gained by working as a QA Engineer in IT Company. I havee good english skills and I'm open to colaboration with you. For more details please contact me in private message.

    Best wishes!

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  6.  30 дней 115 000 ₽

    Alexey, I will be glad to close the testing gap on your project.
    19 years in testing area (all types of testing).
    Many years of experience working with foreign customers around the world.

  7.  1 день 110 000 ₽
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    Good evening. I'll make it quick. I'll check for bugs and flaws on the list).
    Ready to discuss details and deadlines)

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