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.net2 and Ajax site finishing

истекло время актуальности

We are looking for quality web programming team that is experienced in .net2 and Ajax and using visual studio team to finish a very detailed and extensive website.

Please send me information about your hour-rate and your describing of your successfully finished project.

We are looking for long cooperation.

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  1. 14 дней500 $
    Евгений Дигтяренко

    5 $\ h.

    Украина Украина | 22 марта 2007 |
  2. 1 день10 $
    Andrey Noskov

    WebGroup LTD was founded in 2005 in Kharkiv, Ukraine by a group of young specialists. The members of our group were chosen very carefully and only among people with higher education. Similarly, great attention was paid to the works and experience that an applicant had at the point of time when he was passing an interview in our company. For example, the team-leader has 2 higher educations, including Master’s Degree is Information technologies of project management and the person working with our clients had a linguistic probation work in the United States for one year. Due to this, we can assert that at the present time our team consists of talented and professional workers, who are able to find non-standard solutions for the most complicated problems, perform innovation projects and research. On the average experience of practical work of our employees in the respective direction is 4-5 years.

    In order to be able to satisfy the needs of our customers completely, we made a decision to split our activity into two directions: development of commercial applications with the use of PHP and platforms .NET. For each direction we formed a group of 3 programmers and a team-leader who will determine tasks for each member of the group and who will be responsible for the implementation of project before a customer. Also a designer and system administrator works in the establishment.

    Below is the list of technologies and instruments successfully applied by the employees of our company in the process of implementation of various projects:

    PHP-developers team:

    Object oriented PHP language

    CakePHP and PEAR frameworks

    AJAX technology

    HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript

    MySql and PostgreSQL databases

    Apache 1.x and 2.x web servers


    .NET-developers team:

    ASP.NET / VB.NET / C#

    .NET Framework 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0

    ASP.NET AJAX technology

    XML, CSS, JavaScript

    MS SQL Server 2000/2005 databases

    IIS 5 / 6 web servers

    Windows & Web Services

    .NET Remoting

    A great number of successful projects were implemented, among which are such projects as:

    http://ukrbook.com.ua - portal «Books of Ukraine» - a complex environment for publishing polygraph industry, containing information about all books published in Ukraine, with a built-in internet shop for retail sales, with the system of reports for obtaining various statistical information, etc.

    http://expo2000.org.ua - site of an international book exhibition in Kiev. Information about all exhibitions conducted in Kiev and region is represented, with the possibility of interactive viewing of the place of conduction of an exhibition in a show-room, with ability to participate in competitions, tenders and great deal other.

    http://sota.kharkov.ua – representative office of the shop Sota Kharkov, informative site of commercial organization with description of telephones and cameras, and also with possibility of mass mail deliveries to the wholesale clients.

    http://epsi.org - Epsi - informative site of the German service station.

    http://mediadome.ru – site of a Canadian company, which sells music. In the process of development the complex system was created, allowing to carry out addition, storage and sale of music, conduction of musical charts; e-mail, chat and phone support of clients. There are more than 2 million mp3-files in the information database of the site.

    http://philly2night.com - Philly2night is a nightlife social network that influences online social interaction around nightlife events in major cities. The site currently operates in six locations and is quickly expanding to many cities nationwide.

    There were several windows-projects on .NET platform implemented as well:

    Mailer system – system for mass delivery of informative letters and bulletins to company’s clients. Supports possibility of visual creation of body of the letters, use of templates, planning of delivery time, periodicity, tracking of success of delivery and other.

    Ticket Support System – system for the workers of technical support, including the subsystem of phone calls processing, subsystem of reception and processing of e-mail letters, and chat-support as well. All information is kept in the centralized database that allows creating various types of reports on the work of service support personnel with the purpose of its optimization.

    The experience the group accumulated while working together enables us to set to the projects of any complication and orientation, implementing them exactly in the stipulated term and in full. If necessary, our employees are always ready to master new directions in the undertime for satisfaction of necessities of specific customer.

    We will be glad to our mutually beneficial collaboration!

    Our rate is $10 per hour.

    E-mail: email

    Украина Украина | 23 марта 2007 |
  3. 1 день15 $
    sergey gashin

    Опыт работы с .net 4 года.Начинал с версии ASP.net 1.0.С ajax знаком 1 год.После установки на VS 2005 расширений для ajax использовал в 2 проектах для Лентрансгаза и Тюментрансгаза.
    Если есть интерес пишите по адресу:
    If you want I can write it english

    Россия Россия | 24 марта 2007 |
  4. 14 дней11 $
    Sergey Nemo

    The developers team offers cooperation of realisation of IT -
    solutions (design,
    development, introduction, support).
    Operation systems:
    1. Windows family
    2. Linux
    1. Java
    2. NET
    3. WinAPI
    4. Oracle
    1. Ms Visual Studio
    2. Eclipse
    3. Borland CBuilder,Delphi
    4. PL\SQL Developer
    Programming languages:
    C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Object Pascal, PL\SQL, PHP
    ASP .NET (AJAX), Windows Forms, Oracle, Ms SQL, XUnit, UML, XML
    We will design different software, site, reports fast and with high
    quality We use such products as BugZilla and CVS in work.
    For customer cooperation is one entry point, wich used for task
    approvement, realisation time and other conditions.

    email : email

    Беларусь Минск | 26 марта 2007 |