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Беларусь Борисов, Беларусь
5 месяцев 15 дней назад
Свободен для работы свободен для работы
возраст 30 лет
на сервисе 8 месяцев 17 дней
Фрилансер Константин О. — Беларусь, Борисов. Специализация — C#, Microsoft .NET


745 место из 1985
Microsoft .NET
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• The main working tool is Visual Studio. I can read and write program code (C#), edit layout (HTML,CSS, JS), and find information for solving tasks.

• I can write SQL queries to the database extract and analyze the received data.

• I use Entity Framework technology when working with databases, which significantly speeds up the process of creating or integrating them.

• I can create a web application using a pattern (MVC) and navigate its structure, which helps to work effectively.

The main data sources are articles on the site metanit.com, as well as additional materials that are freely available.

Read the book by Joseph and Ben Albahari "  C# 7.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference ". Jeffrey Richter's "CLR via C# (4th Edition)".

When studying the material, I used Visual Studio for better analysis. I Studied SQL queries, building and linking to tables. I learned how to use the Entity Framework to interact with data.

When studying HTML5, CSS3, and JS, I also used Visual Studio. Created elements by applying styles using selectors. When creating logic in JS, I learned how to find the necessary elements using document and the selector.

Learning ASP. MVC, I fixed all the knowledge I received. I studied the structure and architecture of the web application. Relationships not only between models, controllers, and views, but also between other elements.

I use the GitHub service as a tool for managing code versions

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