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Беларусь Минск, Беларусь
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  • product manager
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  • UI/UX Design


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  • UI/UX
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Hey. My name is Alexander. And I'll take a few minutes of your time. All my life I try to be the soul of the company for my friends, family, and colleagues. The word "team" means a lot to me. I am a full team player and want to go with my team with the same interests and thoughts to be whole and reach the biggest peaks. I always tried to take the initiative in my own hands and even if I do not know the solution to the problem, I try to squeeze out the maximum, get advice and study everything on my own to understand the meaning and find a way to solve it. The most important thing that rules me is the desire to know everything and about everything to help people find answers to their questions. I’m always in search of new knowledge and for now I’m studying FE development.



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